ECC 2008 is the 12th in a series of annual workshops dedicated to the study of elliptic curve cryptography and related areas. Over the past years the ECC conference series has broadened its scope beyond elliptic curve cryptography and now covers a wide range of areas within modern cryptography. For instance, past ECC conferences included presentations on hyperelliptic curve cryptography, pairing-based cryptography, side-channel attacks, voting protocols, quantum key distribution, AES, hash functions, and implementation issues.

At the same time ECC continues to be the premier conference on elliptic curve cryptography. It is hoped that ECC 2008 will further our mission of encouraging and stimulating research on the security and implementation of elliptic curve cryptosystems and related areas, and encouraging collaboration between mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers in the academic, industry and government sectors.

Invited Speakers:

So far the following speakers have accepted:


The first talk will start on Monday at 09:30. There will be 3 talks each morning and afternoon. The workshop ends on Wednesday after the morning talks.
For the detailed program go to the timetable.
There will be a Rump Session on Monday evening, where participants can give short (5-10 minutes) presentations on recent results, work in progress, or make announcements of interest to attendees. The rump session will take place in the same place as the talks, together with a reception.

Social program:

Monday evening a reception will be held surrounding the rump session. The reception is hosted by Brightsight and Microsoft Research.
The conference dinner takes place on Tuesday evening in the Indonesian Restaurant "Djakarta" (good Dutch food is Indonesian ;-) ). The dinner is sponsored by Certicom.


Registration is closed. You can still mail Tanja Lange and try to arrange registration.

The regular fee is 220 EUR, for students the fee is 110 EUR.
Deadline for registration is August 31st.
The registration fee covers coffee breaks, snacks and drinks during the rump session on Monday and the workshop dinner on Tuesday evening. Lunches are not included.
Payment can be done by either electronic bank transfer or in cash upon registration. Participants from Euro countries are kindly requested to make a bank transfer at least 2 weeks before the workshop.
Bank transfer should be made to:
Name bankRabobank
Address bankPostbus 301
5600 AH Eindhoven
Account number
Account holder TU/e
Den Dolech 2
5612 AZ Eindhoven
IBAN nr NL42RABO0158249658
Mentioning Activity number 1000877, ECC 2008 "your last name"


All talks take place in the Trianon Zalen in Utrecht. The street address is Oude Gracht 252, 3511NV Utrecht. This is still part of the old town, at the main canal of the city and just south of the main city life. So finding places to eat for lunch is very easy.
A route description can be found on their web page, linked on the left under route.
google maps and maporama give proper instructions for walking in Utrecht. To get directions from or to the station, enter "Stationstraverse, Utrecht" as street address. What the maps do not show you properly is that you are a level above the streets; first in the station itself and then in a shopping mall, which covers the streets Westerstraat, Stationsplein, Spoorstraat, Godebaldkwartier, Morelsepark and in parts even Catharijnebaan, Catharijnesingel etc. and lets you out at Clarenburg. The exit on the way to Trianon is at Morelsepark.
Wireless internet will be provided at the conference site.


Utrecht one of the train hubs of the Netherlands also with direct connections to Germany. The closest airports are Schiphol (Amsterdam airport), Rotterdam airport and Eindhoven airport. Travel by car to Utrecht is not recommended, parking in the center is expensive (more than 3 EUR per hour for street parking, some better deals are available with garages).

Amsterdam airport to Utrecht:

Utrecht is about 30 minutes by train from Schiphol (Amsterdam airport), the biggest airport in the Netherlands with good connections to everywhere in the world.
The airport has a train station (called Schiphol) and trains serve Utrecht twice per hour during day-time.
Train tickets are available from the yellow ticket machines in the main hall of the train station. There are also some in the luggage hall, so you can make use of the time waiting for your luggage. There is also a ticket offices in the central hall of the station.

Eindhoven airport to Utrecht:

Eindhoven also has its own airport which is served by some low-cost airlines.
From the arrival hall at Eindhoven airport you can walk to the bus stop. With bus no 401, starting at Eindhoven Airport, Eindhoven Central station is accessible in approximately 15 minutes. You can buy a ticket in the bus. Train tickets are available from the yellow ticket machines on the ground level of the Eindhoven station or from the ticket office in the central hall of the station. Travelling from Eindhoven to Utrecht takes 50 minutes.

Trains to Utrecht:

For international train tickets check out Unfortunately they only list cities with direct connections to the Netherlands. Better service is available e.g. from

Local transportation:

Details on public transportation can be found at, the Dutch Railways site. Note that you can search for connections between street addresses. For that please choose "9292ov" from the pull-down menu under "Travel method" (somehow the translation missed that).

Getting around in Utrecht with public transportation:

Buses are frequent and with a strippenkaart (stripe-cards, available at kiosks, supermarkets, vending machines) quite affordable. Single rides without strippenkaart are 2.40 EUR. A stippenkaart with 15 stripes is 6.90 EUR, one with 45 stripes costs 20.40 EUR. A trip downtown will cost you two stripes, slightly longer one 3 stripes. The bus driver will stamp the suitable number of stripes on your ticket when you enter the bus. If you want to use the bus to get from the station to your hotel, note that the bus station is underneath the main hall of the railway station. In the middle of the oval shaped bus station is an information desk where you can ask for travel information and buy strippenkaarten. Note that you can search for connections between street addresses. For that please choose "9292ov" from the pull-down menu under "Travel method" (somehow the translation missed that).


Attention! Rooms are selling fast and the few block bookings we could place are due to expire soon. Please book as soon as you have fixed your travel plans.
We tried to get more block reservations with local hotels. Strange enough the deals are usually no better than what you're offered via the standard hotel booking pages and the rooms are being blocked for us only for a few weeks. Note that the Dutch Film Festival will be held in Utrecht starting September 25th, so finding hotels for the night after ECC might be trickier.
Please find below a short list of some hotels (in alphabetical order). We don't have reservations with all of them. A list of the standard hotels is available e.g. with

The English information about Utrecht is not very detailed. If you dare, visit the information in Dutch. The Utrecht tourism site is much better.


Local organizers:

Summer School:

We will host a summer school on Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography the week before ECC in Eindhoven. The course is intended for graduate students in cryptography and mathematics, and will take place from September 15-19. For more details see the summer school page.

Other events:

On Friday September 26, a special Seminar on "Standard models of finite fields" will be held in Nijmegen. It will address the theoretical and practical aspects of defining finite fields algorithmically. For more information see the Intercity Number Theory Seminar page.


ECC would not be possible without the support of our sponsors. We acknowledge generous support by the following organizations (in alphabetical order):

Further information:

For further information, please contact:
Tanja Lange
e-mail: tanja [at]