Program SHARCS'06

Sunday, April 2
19:00-21:00 Reception in the conference hotel

Monday, April 3
09:15 opening remarks
09:30Yusuf Leblebici
How Much Faster Can We Go? : A Technology Outlook
10:30coffee break
Session I: Brute Force Attacks Against Symmetric Algorithms
11:00Iain Devlin and Alan Purvis
A fundamental evaluation of 80 bit keys employed by hardware oriented stream ciphers
11:45Sandeep Kumar, Christof Paar, Jan Pelzl, Gerd Pfeiffer, Andy Rupp, and Manfred Schimmler
How to Break DES for € 8,980
14:00Kris Gaj
Implementing the Elliptic Curve Method of Factoring in Reconfigurable Hardware
15:00coffee break
Session II: Security of Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems
15:30Tim Güneysu, Christof Paar, and Jan Pelzl
On the Security of Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems against Attacks with Special-Purpose Hardware
16:15Philippe Bulens, Guerric Meurice de Dormale and Jean-Jacques Quisquater
Hardware for Collision Search on Elliptic Curve over GF(2m)
17:00rump session
19:30dinner in "Hotel Hilton Cologne"

Tuesday, April 4
09:30Alan Gara
BlueGene/L: An overview and exploration into unique architectural features that can be exploited for cryptanalysis.
10:30coffee break
Session III: Equation Solving and Index Calculus Attacks
11:00A. Bogdanov, M.C. Mertens, C. Paar, J. Pelzl, and A. Rupp
SMITH - A Parallel Hardware Architecture for fast Gaussian Elimination over GF(2)
11:45Claus Diem
Index Calculus in Class Groups of Non-Hyperelliptic Curves of Genus 3 from a Full Cost Perspective
14:00Jens Franke
On the factorization of RSA200
15:00coffee break
Session IV: RSA Factorization
15:30Naoyuki Hirota, Tetsuya Izu, Noboru Kunihiro, and Kazuo Ohta
An Evaluation of the Sieving Device YASD for 1024-bit Integers
16:15Thorsten Kleinjung
Cofactorisation strategies for the number field sieve and an estimate for the sieving step for factoring 1024 bit integers
17:00concluding remarks