VAMPIRE - Virtual Applications and Implementations Research Lab

Welcome to the fourth lab of ECRYPT, the Virtual Applications and Implementations Research Lab (VAMPIRE).
The VAMPIRE lab has a dual role in ECRYPT. On one hand, active research is performed on new techniques that are related to efficient and secure implementation. On the other hand, VAMPIRE provides a bridge between the research and the user community.
In concrete terms, the technical goals of the VAMPIRE lab for the duration of ECRYPT can be summarized as: development of novel efficient implementation techniques in hardware and software; development of a solid understanding of existing and new side channel attacks and efficient countermeasures; researching and understanding of cryptanalytical hardware and its impact on cryptographic parameters.
There are also non-technical objectives: We hope that the important field of cryptographic implementation grows internationally through VAMPIRE and that the interplay of secure algorithms and secure implementations becomes more prominent. We hope to foster cooperation between strong engineering groups and pure crypto groups.
Also, it is a major goal to bridge the existing gap between the research community and engineers in industry who need to apply implementation techniques. Another important objective is to assist the researchers in the other (more theoretical) Virtual Labs in understanding the requirements and meeting the needs of applied cryptography. The interdisciplinary structure of ECRYPT appears to be an ideal mechanism to reach these goals.


VAMPIRE consists of three working groups:

Tanja Lange